Important information

As Traditional Thai massage is involved in altering a persons state of physical awareness, then we would like you to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines:

As a direct effect of Thai massage, the following is likely to occur:

      • Reduced muscular pains
      • Improved mobility and condition of joints
      • Improved flexibility
      • Revitalisation of lymphatic and vascular activity
      • Improvements in digestion
      • Repair of internal organ functionality
      • Positive energy channel manipulation
      • Relaxes, soothes and prevents stress symptoms
      • Helps prevent and heal migraine
      • The elasticity of both skin and muscle will be improved.

Thai massage is inappropriate if you have the following medical conditions:

      • Skin infections or rashes;
      • Chronic skin diseases;
      • Infected joints, tendons or ligaments;
      • Cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure;
      • Active traumatic injury, such as broken bones, torn muscles or sprains;
      • Artificial limbs;
      • Osteoporosis;
      • Cancer;
      • Feverous diseases;
      • Alcoholic or narcotic influence;
      • Blood clots or a threat of thrombosis;
      • Pregnancy;
      • Less than 2 years has passed from a recent back or stomach operation.

We recommend that you don’t eat before your visit. We also advise to properly hydrate yourself after the massage, so that toxic residue released from the internal organism will have an increased chance of separating from the body – drink plenty of water or tea!

The procedures of Thai traditional massage operate on a specially designed surface and appropriate change of clothing is provided by Oriental House.