Royal Thai massage


This technique of Thai massage was originally developed especially for the royal family. “Nuad Rajchasumnak” is was used as a form of physiotherapy for the Nobility. The principles are the same as traditional Thai massage, but the approach is a little different.


Although the Royal Thai Mass age is suitable for everyone, it is recommended to those who find lying on the stomach uncomfortable, or not recommended for whatever reason (e. g. Back pains, heart problems, overweight).


The Royal Thai Massage is a procedure using traditional Thai massage techniques, during which the person getting the massage will not lie on the stomach. Whereas there is no oil used in traditional Thai massage, the Royal Thai Massage uses an age-old mixture of natural oils, aptly labelled „Siam“. Aches, pains, and limitations in movement are thoroughly addressed. By working much more with the meridian lines, your therapist will set therapeutic goals and tailor your treatment for achieving these goals.